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Bridge the victorious team returned to chess in China deputy director of the a
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Just won the world championships in bridge Chinese women's team championship bridge the afternoon of Oct. 18 women's team victorious return. State Sport General Administration, deputy director of Chess wide range of L and Chen Zelan himself to the capital airport. Team members and coaches have just walked into the arrivals hall, they received bunches of beautiful flowers. Bridge in the world championships this year, the Chinese team has made 1 gold, 2 bronze good results, which last year won the Venice Cup women's team After that, it won the competition in the Cup Neal McCoy. "In the bridge world championships history, this is the best time performance." Chess Center early return FAN Guang-sheng, deputy director, told reporters, "This year the Chinese Bridge Has been a steady increase in the level of licensing, but this year's world championships in China is the second largest number of participating teams and the country, second only to host the United States. The Open Group we have 10 teams participating, in addition to sending A women's team and three youth teams, which also reflects China's economic construction and bridge development. " Chinese women's team championships in the past on the bridge is the fourth best result. "Last year, won the Venice Cup women's team, won the world championship again this year, which shows women's team hold the world-class level." FAN Guang-sheng, that , "Men's team is still at the stage of steady increase in the participation of 10 teams open group, we support the local team is also how the first round of qualifying into the 64-strong, that we continuously improve the overall level. Although the Chinese men 8 of 16 teams into a great pity to lose the time, but now we already have about 6 to 10 strength. "
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