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China essence is made definitely, first-order tall flower opens the development
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Leave to tall flower cry, answer call a person to jump call a design and color, this is weak sex call, not quite normal answer cry, just have a string of 7-8 piece design and color, power may be very little. Picture next this a few pay a card, to 1Or 1Cry, can jump cry3Or 3
1, S7 H86 DQJ108764 CJ84
2, SJ4 H94 D103 CKQJ9654
3, S72 HQ DQJ109653C842
This kind of card, if hold the post of a companion to hit 1Or 1, you are one mound card also does not give help go up, if can grow the door to be ace with yours, although agreement drive up 2 rank, but can win more 5 to 6 mound it is to beat the trump card that be less than absolutely so, that still is to delimit those who come.

Jumping infirmly after crying, unless be ace of as it happens has,call a person cooperate and have a card model, it is the share that sends department only normally otherwise.
(one) on the west     east
S65 of   of S974    
HAJ9864 H10
DKQJ10872 of   of DA94
C1063 of   of   of CA    
Call process:
On the west     east
1(1)   3(2)
5(3)- -
(1) 11-15 dot, hearts of 5 pieces of above.
(2) my force answers normally not quite cry, but have 7, 8 pieces of pretty good diamonds.
(3) want spade to be not cashed to exceed 2 mound only, this card 5the opportunity is very good certainly (can hit discard of bright red heart, wintersweet has again king have value) , in practice, in hostile head attack wintersweet to fall, banker is without difficulty won 13.

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