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China essence is made definitely, first-order tall flower opens the development
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Answer call person hold above of 8 big pip, the force of enough answer, place of unwell however above narrates all sorts of answering when crying, can answer 1NT. Accordingly, the range ordering force that answers 1NT is very wide, at 8 o'clock above, the likelihood arrives more at 15 o'clock. But, normally we regard it as only 8-10 is nodded, so, answer call a person so when 11-15 is nodded, must make when call leaving a group one more special make taste.

Hold following all cards, leave in the companion after calling 1S, can answer call 1NT.
1, SJ7 HKJ94 DA1093C973
Insufficient 2 lids answer the force that make, spade has 2 pieces only, can not support immediately, be forced to call 1NT first, this is the card of 1NT of the most typical answer.
2, SQ7 HAQ107 DK1094 CQ105
Have 13 big pip, average card, spade has two pieces only, if call 2D companion to make for the first time any cry again, you also cannot be made why to decide, be inferior to calling 1NT first, call 3NT again again, the average card that expressing is 13-15 dot (if be 11-12 dot only, 2NT cries when call leaving a group) .
3, S7 HQ7 DKQJ1084 CJ964
Although this is an extremely uneven card, but also suit to answer 1NT, after waiting for a companion to cry again, call a diamonds again, this is absolutely bundle cry, it is similar this kind must give priority to a card with diamonds square valuable card.

By above a few cards, the reader is become can understanding answer 1NT is 8-10 normally nod and not be average card certainly model, and normally won't 3 pieces of ace support. It is approach makes circuit at this moment, calling a person is again low be restricted the card must cry again.

Order chooses first after calling a person right now again:
(one) the 2nd design and color of 4 pieces of above.
(2) call this door to must have 6 pieces of above again.
(3) calling 2NT again must be the average card that is restricted high model.
(4) a 3 pieces low flower.

Same, leave at this moment if jump to cry or make must be restricted high to just go,call a person, because this is similar:
SK74 HAQ763 DQ8 CJ74
Leaving call 1H, the companion answers 1NT, because this 1NT is approach,make circuit, cannot manage with the clique, although you are average card model, but low be restricted, cannot call 2NT again, hearts has 5 pieces only again, also cannot call 2H again, be not again however cry cannot, be obliged to cry2C. Accordingly, the low flower that cries at this moment may have 3 pieces only.
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