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China essence is made definitely, first-order tall flower opens the development
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Leave in tall flower after crying, answer call a person to always be held at 16 o'clock the average card of above, no matter whether ace already cooperated, should jump call 2NT. At this moment average card, can not have 5 pieces card group normally.

Open those who call a person to cry again must will tall, low be restricted to reach average also or uneven card cry, 11-13 dot is to belong to low be restricted, 14-15 dot is to be restricted high, and every is not5-3-3- the card of 2 belong to uneven card model.

Call a person to hold low bounds average card must call 3NT directly, low bounds uneven card always cries3C, the average card that is restricted high jump call 4NT, the uneven card that is restricted high when group of direct trump card cries, 3S cries when 6 pieces of spade, be in 3 rank the person that cry is 4 pieces card group, jump to 4 rank person due 5 pieces of above.

Call a person crying3CExpressing is low bounds uneven card hind, answer call a person to must call 3D get out of the way to call group of person trump card to cry again normally, be in namely 1H-2NT- 3CHind, answer call a person to must call 3D, at this moment, call a person again:
3H: 6 pieces of hearts (4 pieces of hearts)
3S: 4 pieces of spade (6 pieces of spade)
3NT: Have a 4 Zhang Di flowers.
4C, 4D: The card group of 5 pieces of above.

In 1H-2NT- 3C- after 3D-3NT, call a person to express 4 pieces to have a low flower, answer if be about to enquire after all,calling a person is that low flower can cry 4 pieces again4C, leave calling a person to call 4D to express is wintersweet 4 pieces, 4H expresses diamonds 4 pieces.

Hold following all cards, leaving after calling 1S, the companion jumps calling 2NT to express was at 16 o'clock the average card of above, how should you cry again?
1, SAJ974 HQ86 DK7 CQ63