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China essence is made definitely, first-order tall flower opens the development
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In one person tall flower leaves after crying, the person that return a card should have 8 bits of big above only, the spade of 4 pieces of above, must be in first-order answer cry, and when having 11 big drop above, can be in 2 rank answer cry. The brand force as a result of the person that return a card may be infinite, accordingly, a card of this circuit and calling new flower again next time is approach cries, call a person to must want to keep call.

Open those who call a person to make have a few choices again:
(one) supportive companion ace.
(2) call oneself the 2nd card group that has 4 pieces of above.
(3) make former card group again.
(4) make not have king.

Can choose in these a few kinds in making a way, still can divide into low bounds 11-13 dot and the 14-15 dot that are restricted high, low in a limited time give the impression of weakness, be restricted high to be shown strong. Alleged show make by force taste, it is to jump to cry and cry nothing more than.

After 1H-1S, if have 4 pieces of spade,call a person, should first support, calling a 2C, 2D should be the card group of 4 pieces of above; Call 2H again normally due 6 pieces of above; 5-3-3-2 card when be forced to make not have again king.

Hold following all cards, leaving after calling 1H, the companion answers 1S, should you cry again?
1, SQ1083 HAJ964 DA7 C106
Call 2S again. 4 pieces of spade support, a card that lowest is restricted, as it happens supports 2S simply.
2, SQJ93 HAKQ73 DJ C1084
Call 3S again. Be restricted high card, good spade supports, have short door again, must jump call 3S to invite bureau.
3, SKQ96 HAK1084 DK94 C7
Call 4C again, also still be Splinter, highest those who be restricted cry, wonderful spade supports, gap of wintersweet odd Zhang Huo.
4, SAQ97 HAKQ94 D63 C94
Calling 4S. Also still be highest be restricted cry, spade is wonderful support, but in showing force complete works, go up in hearts and spade.
5, S8 HAQ963 DKJ8 CQ1085
Call 2C again. When cannot support spade, call 4 pieces design and color, low a bounds card, can call 2C only.
6, S92 HAJ9763 DKJ9 CK7
Call 2H again. 6 pieces of hearts can cry again.
7, SQ108 HKJ976 DA9 CK94
Call 1NT again. The average card of 5-3-3-2 can make not have again only king. Low in a limited time call 1NT.
8, S7 HAQJ963 DA86 CK94
Call 3H again. Be restricted high, 6 pieces of pretty good hearts, must jump call 3H.