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China essence is made definitely, open the development 5(after calling 1D hostil
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Encounter hostile insert cry, answer call a person all sorts of answering make reach its the following development and tall flower leave after crying very much the same, it is this bit different only:
Call a person hostile answer call a person hostile
X of   of   of 1H/S of 1D  
Leaving after calling 1D, hostile lid calls 1H or 1S, answer call a person bet times not be punishment, however give the impression of weakness is betted times (Negative Double) . Betting times 1S is the hearts that expresses to have 4 pieces of above. And bet times 1H to represent two low flowers 4 - 4 above. Both expresses is to have 8 - 10 big pip.
Call a person hostile answer call a person
2S of   of 1S of 1D    
This also is approach cries, but the hearts card group that won't have 4 pieces normally, the mainest means asks a companion spade has without block piece and make not have king.
Sometimes, you can be taken not merely 8 - at 10 o'clock and have 4 pieces of hearts, be like:
S87 HKQ94 DAJ83 CK86
The companion leaves call 1D, hostile insert when calling 1S, you think 4 pieces hearts expresses very much of course, but cannot call 2H (must want to 5 pieces of hearts just go) ; Spade was not blocked also cannot make not have king; Spade of companion of hope calling 2S has block make be afraid of without Wang You missing 4 - the hearts of 4 cooperates. At this moment, you might as well bet with give the impression of weakness first times express you to have 4 pieces of hearts; But issue what the circle must call an approach to make taste telling a companion you is not merely 10 of the dot (bet times as a result of your give the impression of weakness, the companion always regards you as have 8 - 10 o'clock) .

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