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China essence is made definitely, first-order spend the development after crying
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§2, answer first cry

1H and 1S are have the limit cry, it is 11-15 dot, accordingly, wind card person and must return a card without obligation, he can be measured by the card on him hand, if think,do not have all need not cry when the bureau is likely.

Should leave calling a person is the 14-15 that is restricted high when the dot, should answer card person to 8-9 is nodded only and cooperate a bit, into bureau it is probable, it is the 11-12 that lowest is restricted is nodded only even cry, the person that return a card has 8-9 to nod enough also qualification and hostile grab partial agreement. Accordingly, should answer card person to have only at 8 o'clock above, must return a card.

The way that returns a card has a lot of kinds, and pay a card to may suit several kinds to make a way at the same time likewise, you must choose the most appropriate. Normally, when it is good that you compare you like the card that thinks to call a person, agree with his ace as far as possible; Conversely, you can make expect the companion's response from card group of oneself.

(one) support ace make a way
Since we want to choose a group to make trump card, it is to think what own side wants this to grow than the other side is much certainly. Normally, 7 pieces just much more hostile a piece just, making trump card is not quite good, must 8 pieces of ability go, and we leave call tall flower to assure to have 5 pieces of above certainly, accordingly, the person that return a card should have 3 pieces to be able to support only.
(1) increase one support: 1H-2H reachs 1S-2S: 8-10 dot, ace of 3 pieces of above supports. At this moment 3 pieces of ace are any 3 Zhangxiao cards OK, and always be in when agreeing with ace, when computation orders force allocate a station to calculate those who go in.
(2) increase 2 support: 1H-3H reachs 1S-3S: 11-13 dot, 4 pieces of above or 3 pieces of trump card that have 1 magnify card support. Not approach cries.
(3) jump directly cry bureau: 1H-4H reachs 1S-4S: This has two kinds of likely state: It is to answer card person to think to have one bureau only and do not have slam absolutely likelihood, it is to make trouble purely of the gender make taste. Normally, good shop sign may is quite when having social status, the ability when doing not have social status is to make trouble likely. Of course, no matter be the sort of case, ace is exceeding certainly cooperate, have 4 pieces of above the least.
(4) jump call 3NT: 1H-3NT reachs 1S-3NT: The average card that 13-15 chooses, ace has 4 pieces of above to support, have one magnify card the least among them. Approach cries.
(5) Splinter: Firm?H-3S of green of  of ǎ of salary of travel of  short  and 1S-4C is. State 13-15 is nodded, ace pole cooperates, what calling is gap of odd Zhang Huo.
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