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China essence allows to make, open the development after calling 1D 4 (answer th
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§4. Answer the development after calling 2D:

Leave after calling 1D, answer 2D of answer calling a person expresses to have therefore at 11 o'clock with, the diamonds of 4 pieces of above, approach makes circuit. Call a person must again call.
At this moment, call a person to must be restricted on any account to reach really have cry without group of true diamonds plate. Low the diamonds that be restricted and has 4 pieces of above calls 3D again, low be restricted and 2NT always must cry again when group of card of piece of not in the proper way; Tall in a limited time (scarcely can be average card model, leave early otherwise call 1NT) , criterion most of economy make have block piece design and color.
Hold following all cards, leaving after calling 1D, the companion answers 2D, what should you call again?
(one) SAJ84 HKQ96 DQ103 C86
Call 2NT again; Although have 4 - two of 4 tall flowers, but cannot call 2H or 2S again absolutely; Low be restricted 2NT can cry again only when having group of true diamonds plate.
(2) SK86 H7 DAQ1086 CQ1086
Call 3D again; Low bounds uneven card, can call 3D again only.
(3) SK1086 HA7 DKJ9864 CK
Call 2H again; Be not express to have 4 pieces of hearts, tell a companion you are to be restricted high to cry however, diamonds is true card group, hearts has block piece.
Explain with two cards exemple next:
Exemple (one) on the west   east
SQ97 of   of SA8    
H6 of HK1082  
DKJ9854   DAQ197
CA10753 of CK    
Call process
On the west   east
1D (1) 2D (2)
2H (3) 2NT (4)
3C (5) 3H (6)
3S (7) 4C (8)
6D (9)- -
(1) 11 - at 15 o'clock, diamonds plate group.
(2) at 11 o'clock above, diamonds 4 pieces of above, approach makes circuit. Yi Wei calling 2C is tasted cannot, but still cry with supporting so good diamonds immediately relatively beautiful.
(3) diamonds is true card group, hearts has block, be restricted high. The companion can call a 2D, you know this card is to have slam very much likely; So, tell a companion you have long door diamonds really, see a companion what can call to decide to go again what agreement.
(4) outside dividing hearts other have block piece, and it is low those who be restricted 11 - at 12 o'clock. At this moment if you still have the door to was not blocked, should show make have that design and color that block; If have,block and have above should jump continuously at 13 o'clock 3NT.
(5) although the companion is low be restricted, but you still are unwilling to give up, show call wintersweet to have control, tell a companion you have slam interest.
(6) hearts also has control; A wintersweet and spade make all have in you block piece hind, the companion does not call 3NT and want to call 3C, you know he has slam purpose, tell him you to hearts has control so.
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