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China essence is made definitely, first-order spend the development after crying
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The case that to improve nature this plants the 20-5 in call or 21-4 to miss one bureau very easily (answer called a person to take 4, returned a card not quite at 5 o'clock, and touch by chance go up to cry the person has 20 or at 21 o'clock) , make accurately it is a regulation: Always the card of above should leave with factitious 1C at 16 o'clock cry; And what 11-15 nods is common make force, roughly as identical as natural call.
Because Gao Huacheng bureau is easier, when having group of tall face cards accordingly normally must first choice leaves call tall flower, and the ace that cooperates to be found easily, we set the card group that calling tall flower must be 5 pieces of above.

§1, open the requirement that makes 1H, 1S

1, 11-15 big pip.
2, the card group of 5 pieces of above.
3, be opened normally those who cry is a hand certainly on the longest one doorplate group, when like having two, growing, choose to call taller design and color. It is a few open the case that make next.
(one) SAJ876 HQ93 DA108 C94
Call 1S. Although have only at 11 o'clock, but on the system at 11 o'clock and having 5 Zhanggao flowers is to be allowed to cry.
(2) S8 HAQJ874 DAK74 CJ5
Call 1H. At 15 o'clock, 6 pieces of very good hearts also are to leave call 1H, mix by this card (one) card, the reader can discover: It is a limit likewise make taste, it is 11-15 dot, and among them the differentiate of good, bad card still is very big.
(3) SAJ875 H6 DKQJ984 C3
Call 1D. Although have 5 pieces of spade, but still have 6 pieces of longer diamonds, should leave call 1D. In principle always leaves make longer door group.
(4) SJ10874 HAKQ87 DQ4 C7
Call 1S. Although hearts wants to compare spade many strong, but when like be being spent high when two, growing, always leave call 1S.
(5) SKQ1087 H6 D7 CAQ9876
Call 1S. This is a more special case, although answer to call longer design and color normally, but similar this kind of card is opening the tall flower that after calling 2C, cannot make have 5 pieces again (detailed sees 2C opens the development after crying) . Accordingly, when wintersweet and tall flower be always leave when 6-5 call tall flower.

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