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China essence allows to make, open the development after calling 1D 3 (one lid r
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§3. One lid reachs 2 lids to answer the development after crying:

And first-order tall flower leaves after crying same, call a person to be in call 1D, and the companion answers after crying, not only beard trump card make be clear about, also must as far as possible will tall, low be restricted to cry.
Same, call a person right now make also have order of a few first choices again:
(one) supportive companion spends ace high.
(2) the card group that calls the 2nd 4 pieces of above.
(3) above of 5 pieces of diamonds can call diamonds again.
(4) make not have king.
Can choose in these a few kinds in making a way, can divide into low be restricted 11 - mixed at 13 o'clock be restricted high 14 - at 15 o'clock; Low in a limited time give the impression of weakness, be restricted high to be shown strong. Alleged show make by force taste, also be to jump to cry and cry nothing more than.
In place 1D - after 1H, 1S, if 4 Zhanggao flowers cooperate,call a person, should first support, calling a 1S, 2C should be the card group of 4 pieces of above, and the card group that can make a 2C also be sure diamonds is 4 pieces of above at the same time, call 2H not only must be to be restricted high, diamonds also must be true card group, call 2D the diamonds that must be 5 pieces of above again, other state all can make not have only king. 1D - after 2C also roughly identical, leave calling a person to call 2H, 2S again must be to be restricted high. All can call 2D again only otherwise (above of 5 pieces of diamonds) , 3C (wintersweet has 3 pieces of above to support) or it is 2NT.
Hold following all cards, leaving after calling 1D, what 2C differs 3 kinds is reach to answer in the companion's 1H, 1S after crying, how should you cry again?
(one) SAJ95 H742 DAQ85 CJ6
After the companion's 1H, of your follow a rational line to do some work well call 1S to call 4 pieces of spade. Add after 1S call 2S to express to 4 pieces of spade support however low be restricted to cry. After the companion answers 2C, because you are not,be restricted high brand force, although 4 pieces of spade also cannot call 2S again; Without 5 pieces diamonds cannot call 2D again; Wintersweet also cannot support 3C 2 pieces only; Reason although hearts is without block Zhang Ye to be forced to call 2NT again.
(2) SK108 HAQ107 DAQ1098 C6
After 1H, jump call 4C; This is Splinter states hearts pole cooperates, gap of wintersweet odd Zhang Huo, be restricted high brand force. If the companion answers 1S, jump call 3H; This is more special make taste, not only be restricted high what expressed to have 4 pieces of hearts brand force, also state spade has 3 pieces of support at the same time. Call 2H again after the companion's 2C (if call 3H also due 3 pieces of wintersweet support) . All sorts of make taste, decided diamonds is the true card group of 4 pieces of above.
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