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China essence allows to make, open the development after calling 1D 2 (answer fi
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§ 2. Answer first cry:

Because 1D is have the limit cry, answer to call a person and must return a card without obligation so. Should think to be not had only likely or the bureau is insufficient and hostile grab the force that make, answer calling a person is to be able to send department not to cry.
Answer normally the big pip that if have 8 above,cries, come up against calling a person is tall those who be restricted 14 - at 15 o'clock, and have a card model when cooperating, it is very possible vulnerable; Least, enough and hostile grab those who cry one time. Accordingly, should have only at 8 o'clock above, answer calling a person is to must return a card.
Same, pay a card to may suit several kinds to answer at the same time law, you must choose the most appropriate. Normally, tall flower is the most preferential be chosen; Each rank without Wang Ji second; The most have to when just choose low flower.
(one) one lid replies: Namely 1D- - 1H, 1S. Must be the card group of 4 pieces of above, above of 8 big pip, approach makes circuit.
(2) answer each rank without king, neither approach cries:
1D-1NT: 8 - 11 are nodded, do not have 4 pieces tall flower normally.
1D-2NT: 11-13 dot, invite 3NT.
1D-3NT: Bundle cry.
(3) 2 lids reply: Namely 1D- 2C. Normally due 11 dot above, 5 pieces spend card group with the plum that go up, approach makes circuit.
(4) 1D-2D: The diamonds of 4 pieces of above, at 11 o'clock above, approach makes circuit.
(5) of weak sex jump call new flower: Answer normally not quite the force that make, but one grows string of design and color, can jump call this door design and color. Be like, 1D-2H, 2S, it is the card group of 6 pieces of above normally; 1D- 3CDue the wintersweet of 7 pieces of above.
(6) 1D-3D: 5 or the diamonds of 6 pieces of above, 6 - at 10 o'clock, not approach cries.
(7) 1D-3H, 3S: Also be weak sex jumps cry, 7 pieces card group.

The companion leaves call 1D, hold following all cards, how should you answer cry?
(one) SKQ10 HKQ86 D963C854
1H; Have 10 big pip, 4 pieces of hearts, can build one answer.
(2) SJ954 HK1084 DQ84C