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China essence allows to make, open the development after calling 1D 1 (open the
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§1. Open the condition of D calling 1

Must accord with following 2 conditions, just can leave call 1D:
1, 11-15 big pip.
2, the diamonds of 4 pieces of above
Open the diamonds that calls 1D to need to have 4 pieces of above surely normally, but in what have social status the 3rd, 4 case, took at 13 o'clock or the bad average card 14 o'clock, be willing to cry not quite and be about to leave again however when crying, sometimes only 3 pieces of even 2 pieces of diamonds, can leave call 1D, it is to say namely: Do not have the 1D of social status, want to have 4 pieces of diamonds the least certainly; Have social status, the 3rd, 4 1D is likely low have 3 pieces or 2 pieces of diamonds.
It is a few open the case that make next:
(one) SKJ95 H7 DKQJ94 CA85
(2) SQJ8 HK96 DAJ10865C9
(3) SQ865 HAK94 D5432 CA
(4) SA2 H7 DQJ954 CAQJ85
Above the example that 4 cards are a standard that makes 1D.
(5) SK94 H7 DAJ84 CKQ1084
Although have 5 pieces of wintersweet, but spend high without 4 pieces, cannot the day cries2 C; Resemble this kind of diamonds one wintersweet 4 - 5 when allocating, it is to should open those who call 1D.
(6) SA106 HQ9 DKQ1085 CKJ6
Although have 5 pieces of diamonds, but blame is certain and OK call 1D; The average card that chooses like this kind of 13-15, although diamonds is 5 pieces, still should leave call 1NT.
(7) SKQ964 H7 DAQJ854C9
Call 1D; Although have 5 pieces of spade, but diamonds has 6 pieces, in our system, always want for the first time preferential call the longest design and color.
(8) SKJ3 HK109 D104 CAJ1064
Call 1D; This kind of card, clique department is real too regrettablly; When doing not have social status, can leave constrainedly call 1NT; When having social status, can leave only call 1D.

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