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China essence is made definitely, factitious approach calls 7
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Hold following all cards, leave in the companion cry1C, and on the home exceeds after calling 1S, how should you reply?
(1) S97 HQ986 DJ43 CJ765
(2) S87 HK94 DQ743 CQ1093
(3) S7 HQ10874 DK73C10864
(4) SQ1086 HJ6 DK1074 CA104
(5) S6 HK74 DQJ1084 CKJ97
(6) S97 HQ1094 DAJ97 CQ94
(7) SAJ7 HJ6 DQJ973 CQ84
(8) SK7 HAKJ1097 D863C54
(9) SKJ10 HK74 DA1063 CJ107
(10) S7 HQ1087 DKJ963C876
(11) S93 HKJ87 D96 CKQ1093
(1) clique department: Can make give the impression of weakness big 4 a little bit bet times originally, but two J add a Q, really bad this kind at 4 o'clock, still be beautiful in order to send department.
(2) bet times: Tell a companion to have 4-7 place, without 5 pieces card group.
(3) 2H: Have 5 pieces of hearts, 5 are nodded, as it happens can cry simply in both.
(4) 1NT: 10 are nodded greatly, average card, spade is blocked piece pretty good, accord with the condition that answers 1NT.
(5) 3D: 10 are nodded, 5 pieces of pretty good diamonds, must jump ability calling 3D expresses.
(6) 2S: 9 are nodded, can make enthusiasm answer cry, but can cry without group of 5 pieces of cards again, spade was not blocked cannot call 1NT, reason is shown call 2S.
(7) 1NT: 5 pieces of diamonds can jump originally call 3D, but spade has block, still be beautiful in order to call 1NT, issueing a circle to call diamonds to also can express again is group of 5 pieces of cards.
(8) 1NT: Although at 11 o'clock, 6 pieces of very good hearts, but spade has block, call 1NT first, next circles call hearts again, more but trump card cries clearly.
(9) 2NT: 12 are nodded, spade is blocked piece very good, card average, had better call sufficient 2NT.
(10) bet times: 6 are nodded, 5 pieces of diamonds should call 2D originally, but still have 4 pieces of hearts, if call 2D to be missed easily bureau, make bet first times hind, no matter what the companion calls, call 2D to be able to tell a companion to still have 4 pieces of hearts again.
(11) 2S: Truth and go up the brand is same, if diameter cries3C
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