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China essence is made definitely, factitious approach calls 6
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§8, should call a person to spend change high to answer the development after crying

To cry1Cstrong card, wind card person sometimes although meeting hold is not quite active answer the dot force that make (at 8 o'clock above) , but however one grow the tall flower that string together, want to call a person to be able to cooperate a bit only, into bureau it is very easy, and if hold, is long those who string together is low change, although the likelihood searchs,get assorted, but possibly also 3 break mound quickly, into the bureau is more difficult, and the 3NT agreement with probable still more reliable delinquency. Accordingly, we set, have outside high-ranking change can be being made answer when growing string of tall flower, growing string of low flower still is from inactive answer call 1D to cry.
Answer card person to cannot only this grows length card form of course and however power of a bit particle also is done not have, our regulation must want to have 4-7 square enough qualification makes big pip high-ranking change answers cry. The tall flower that has 7 pieces is in 3 rank cry; The 8 tall flowers that Zhang Ju has A or K takes the lead cry4C- group of hearts card group, 4D- spade card, and calling 4H, 4S is group of card of the hearts that 8 Zhang Mo A or K take the lead, spade.
This kind of case, wind card person and do not have how many big pip, those who be worth a line is this string card group only, if not be ace with this, that time card person complete hand becomes cost brand almost; Accordingly, unless be to be below very special situation, decide to be ace with this namely normally. Alleged and special situation is to open as it happens calling a person to grasp have another very good tall flower and when be willing to be ace with this. Open those who call a person to cry again so besides 4H, 4S it is absolutely bundle outside crying, the others always cries (blame jump cry) the design and color that is not ace is 3 class inquiry, the inquiry returns the control that card person checks this; The person that return a card is not had by the first class, the 2nd class has the 2nd control, the 3rd class has the first to control an answer, calling new flower again later also is to continue again this kind of inquiry.

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