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China essence is made definitely, factitious approach calls 5
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§7Not common the gender answers the development after crying

Of all sorts of initiative that we discuss above answer crying is: Average card when make not have king, the card that has 5 pieces of above calls this door design and color when the group, and can come up against neither sometimes average card and also do not have 5 pieces card group however4-4-4- the card of 1, and still have above should make enthusiasm answer at 8 o'clock cry; Each does not suit this kind card that we discuss above, this is aimed at such card model will discuss.
Go to the lavatory for our call for the purpose of, our regulation is leaving cry1CHind, jump answer calling a design and color is to show the shop sign that is 4-4-4-1 model, at 8 o'clock above, and the sizes of on one class that calls that door design and color is odd piece; Call 2H, 2S namely, 3C, 3D states spade, wintersweet, diamonds, hearts is odd respectively piece.
Because wind card person,clear already expression gives his card, in addition what place needs to know again is his only really the position of the limits that order force and director of big shop sign, open those who call a person to make be aimed at these two purposes completely namely again.
Call a person again (blame jump cry) design and color of odd Zhang Zhi of the person that return a card (add namely tall one class, jump over 2NT) , it is the limits ordering force that asks the person that return a card, the person that return a card replies:
The first class: 8-10 dot.
The 2nd class: 11-13 dot.
The 3rd class: 14-15 dot.
The 4th class: At 16 o'clock above.
Be like sheet piece it is big shop sign, should drink grant to deduct a point.
After the person that return a card calls proper place force, call a person to call this sheet Zhang Zhi design and color again (still be not jump cry) , it is the pilot number that questions complete hand of the person that return a card. The person that return a card replies:
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