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Swim ego protection of Chi Li
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1, cut

Swim once, when turning around to the edge, the nail of swimming-pool edge was kicked not carefully in underwater, as a result right leg thumb was plunged into a hole. Also did not shed what blood at that time, think thing of it doesn't matter. The result crossed period of time to discover original cut blossommed " verrucous " , resembled growing a callosity, I was to blow long, long blow again, good from beginning to end not. I went up last year hospital, used refrigerant treatment twice (0 20 degrees liquid nitrogen) just calculate do calm.

Experience: When swimming, should notice swim the ties a person easily thing in the pool, for instance the nail of fasten waterline, hook, still cracked ceramic tile waits, skin of very easy lacerate, want caution. Water should give instantly after lacerate skin (swim Chi Shui bacterium is very much) , wrap up good cut, after sufficient ministry lacerate toes disembark, must not wear directly swim public slipper of Chi Li (the can infectious bacterium on slipper, the doctor says my sufficient wart is caught probably so namely) .

2, skin infection

Spend the New Year this year, my limb begins scratchy, stopped two days not to itch, continue to swim again, that day in the evening scratchy, sleep to sleep bad, and still removed erythema, the doctor is diagnosed later was to get dermatitis, if be not treated,be very difficult good, have a relapse very easily. Only delicious medicine (what sago replaces man) give or take an injection (Ka Jianmiao, seem to had been hit in one's childhood) besmear ointment (bittern rice loose breast creams) , now at long last good.

Experience: The water in the swimming-pool has chemistry liquid medicine and a lot of bacteria, microbial, especially the Wen Shui in the winter causes a bacterium more easily. Before entering the water so, had better go up in the face, dot of the besmear on the body is oily defend frost, I am used now " olive oil " , pure natural do not dissolve again at water, a diaphragm is formed very easily between the skin and pool water, the price is cheap also. Still have, pool hind wants much movement below, because games is sudoriferous, such pool water enter human body not easily also, do not resemble common bathing pool child bubble bath is same, edge bubble returns edge rub body, actually the skin also is protective protective screen of the person, behavioral both neither is tasteful, if catch the skin when rub body,defeat, very easy also skin is affected.

If discover the skin is scratchy, and it is thorn itchs euqally, urticant place has the thing like small pinprick, then 10 have 89 to get dermatitis, the immune system of this kind of dermatitis and oneself is concerned, if be not treated, although passed two days not to itch, but come up against same infection source to have a relapse very easily. Want timely seek medical advice so.

3, eye and hair protection

Swim Chi Li contains chloric part, have to the corneous layer of the hair destroy effect, time grew a hair to easy hair fizzles out and rupture easily. Besmear also had better go up to burn olive oil in the hair before entering the water so, on the belt swim cap. After entering the water, do not want cap of informal Tuo Yong, prevent a hair to contact Chi Shui. Same eye also should notice to protect, next natant lens are not picked at will when swimming, eye as far as possible water of little contact pool.
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