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What is bridge
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The go as intellective project, chess by people hep, the bridge that can be intellective project together is alluded by people rarely, what is bridge? Uncover its mysterious veil: ) bridge is 4 people actually dozen, with a pair of playing card (size king take out) , distribute 13 pieces of cards each, on and the companion that those who sit is you, you and antagonism of another pair of companions and match. Someone says dozen of law of bridge to resemble upgrading a bit, but want complex little than upgrading, but think the introduction is quite fast still, should learn to shuffle above all (with a ha breath out)
Bridge should decide to hit by which one party through call, repass banker does a village to finish enter into the agreement (defend at this moment of course the plan that also just should have oneself comes nick banker will finish about) , its plan cent means is very fair, who be taken card is good who can win victory (fight in two groups group that is to say when, the skill poor card that you take and another desk is hostile the card of place hold is same) , put an end to contingency so, at this moment relative the error that is both sides, is not luck. This also is one of reasons that it loves.
When card games, want to play a piece of card by ordinal ground every time each. 4 people hit a piece of card to become ” of one “ mound each by order. Remember the concept of mound well please, it is the significant technical terms of bridge, it is the place that differs apparently with other medal sport
Trump card (also can call “ ace ” or “ advocate card ” ) the shop sign that compares other design and color during card games is big, property and upgrade (or tractor) medium advocate the card agrees basically.
“ follows card ” . Everybody should press the design and color of the first piece of card of this one mound, give the shop sign with same design and color accordingly.
“ gets a ” . In one mound card, give the first piece of card to call " to get a " . Win the person of one mound card, obtain those who issue one mound to receive a right.
“ wins mound ” . The card of same design and color, size order is AKQJ 10 ninety-eight million seven hundred and sixty-five thousand four hundred and thirty-two. In one mound card, the shop sign is big can win this one cluster.
“ will eat ” . Do not have on the hand with get a card piece when same design and color, give trump card to call “ to will eat ” , this one property and upgrade (or tractor) like be being shot mediumly.
“ discard ” . Do not have on the hand with get a card piece when same design and color, the design and color that giving other is not trump card calls “ discard ” . Discard cannot win cluster.
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