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Kang Shou of intellective motion hurried -- bridge
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A kind bridge is playing cards play a way. It regards sex of a kind of decorous, civilization, athletics as very strong intellective sex game, with peculiar glamour rule the region makes fun of at of all kinds card, fashionable whole world. Bridge once was entered as performance project the Asia Game was mixed 2002 2004 the Olympic Games, and hopeful is entered as formal match project Autumn 2008 the Olympic Games. Before before long, wait for 4 international organization to be initiated jointly by international bridge association and international go association established international intelligence athletic association. The value that this says to understand bridge further and its all over the world influence.
Our country late leader likes to play bridge before Deng little all one's life, this kind of people interest him and his wisdom, health and macrobian connection are together. Distinguished personages of a lot of political circles, business circles loves bridge sport, the demonstrative action of these celebrity makes the benefit that we move to bridge undertake rational reflection.
Bridge has complete moral mind. Bridge is contacted together with the group forever, singles does not fight bridge alone. Between teammate, want to stress understanding, accredit, tacit, friendly affection, cooperation; Pay attention to integral level, do not do individualistic; Exquisite and good-tempered, do not grouse each other; Exquisite and quiet, not roaring; Exquisite and self-effacing, not ostentation. Learn bridge, also learned sentiment of this kind of morality actually; Play bridge, also exercised the sentiment of this kind of morality of people, develop exalted human relationship, foster perfect character charm. The moral action of bridge, reflect go up in group efforts, body treats adversary to go up now, it is exert a subtle influence on.
Bridge includes good study drive. It asks people learns ceaselessly, include call method, card games skill, research is attacked prevent the way to deal with a situation, understand bridge philosophic theory. Once a person falls in love with bridge, be equal to fell in love with study, he will be lifelong it is companion with the book.
Bridge is beneficial to health of body and mind. Bridge is motion of a kind of cerebra, the logistic thinking that it needs careful, rigorous maths computation, vivid thinking in images. Enter bridge state, cerebrum lies in the motion of a kind of ceaseless reflection, analysis, judgement.
To adolescent:
The first, the logistic inference ability that can develop adolescent.
The 2nd, the computation that can foster adolescent analyses ability.
The 3rd, the imaginary ability that can develop adolescent.
The 4th, the psychological quality that can foster adolescent and psychology bear ability.
The 5th, the harmonious communication ability that can develop adolescent.
The 6th, the amateur of OK and promotional teenage friendship, rich students lives.
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