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Bridge little common sense---Read a shop sign
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A lot of people are met special curiosity, do not know card hand why can of cipher out others hold a card. It is clairvoyant eye, exceed capacity or have cipher. . . State beforehand, we are not preterhuman, also won't resemble betting a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, bet emperor to have stunt of what all corners of the country in that way. There is a main mastery of a skill or technique to be called “ to read card ” in bridge, resemble serving as a detective can from inside the meadow that is destroyed who is the smallest blade infer after all like destroying it, each fine card hand won't let off the any occurrence information on table-board, use computative and hostile or companion hand is medium hold a card. This kind of technology basically is the capacity that uses yourself, from 13 pieces of cards, add add decrease decrease and receive accurate consideration. Had discovered from you and in the information that learn, perhaps can send disinter the card on a hostile hand piece allocate. Normally, this does not need complex arithmetic. 4333, 4432, 4441, 5332, 5422, 5431, 5440, 5521, 5530, 6322, 6331, 6421, 6430, 7222, 7321, 7330, these numbers can not be Morse password, the common shop sign that this is combination of 13 pieces of cards, our study reads a shop sign is from the back card those who begin. Be familiar with these cards model, ability is right when card games of each design and color distributing have fast, accurate consideration. The friend that is interested in bridge mights as well note these a few groups of next numbers first, we can pass card exemple after introduce a few simple skill that read a shop sign to everybody, the hope has more friends to be able to appreciate the joy that brings you to bridge.

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