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Bridge ABC
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The order of bridge: Of bridge deal, call, give a card to press a clockwise, the order just right of the game of other playing card of this and our country and mahjong is contrary.

Boreal → east the → austral → on the west → north ……

• Card magnify is small reach design and color

Bridge uses a card every pairs 52 pieces, include 4 design and color, every kinds of design and color 13 pieces of cards. 4 kinds of design and color are spade, hearts, diamonds, wintersweet, among them spade and hearts are called tall flower; Diamonds and plum perianth call low flower. Card Zhang You arrives greatly small for: A, k, q, j, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

• Big pip

A = at 4 o'clock, k = at 3 o'clock, q = at 2 o'clock, j = L is nodded. Card hand people after taking a card the hand

Medium big pip addition. Pack of cards has 40 big pip.

• Bridge divides a level: Call phase and card games phase

The purpose of call

• The pip that call passes public call system to convey his to the companion namely, card, achieve the following goals:

• Affirmatory trump card (advocate card) .

• Define the mission of card games.

• Affirmatory advocate dozen just mix defend square.

• Determine card games level, the card games part of everybody. (banker, bright hand, head attack a person)

Call regulation

• Every pairs of card is by dealing person (Dealer) leave above all cry.

• Leave after calling a person, call authority presses cycle of suitable hour hand.

• To make call does not produce a disorder, call process wants along from low to tall development. The person that shares call must be in design and color or had cried before the prep above on rank number make taste.

• In call process, everybody the frequency of call is unlimited, till till other 3 people do not cry.

The rule of call
• can share call when you when, should be in of lowest rank second on, call the longest design and color in skill first, preparation serves as trump card with this.
• has one when you when the door grows a design and color, the other side has additionally one possibly also to grow a design and color, it is trump card with whose design and color after all, be about to who see cry high.
• cannot be trump card with he grows a design and color just to strive for, cry high unendingly. Enter into the agreement when yours when be not being hit, you can want to bear to punish cent tremendously.
Card games regulation
Mound: After 4 had given a piece of shop sign each, these 4 pieces of cards call one mound.
If 4 pieces of cards with get photograph of design and color to be the same as, press A, k, q, j, 10, … , 3, the order of 2 compares size; If there is trump card in one mound card, compare the size of trump card design and color. One the biggest wins medal of this one mound and obtain below annulus receive a right. The card of other variety of designs, no matter its are how old, all be ─ of ─ of “ discard ” cannot win this cluster. Pack of cards in all 13 mound.
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