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Defend square plan
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K 9 3
7 4 2
A 8 7 3
You (on the west)
9 6 3
Q J 10
A Q 6
Q 9 6 4
You head after attacking HQ, eat with A on banker hand into, you know you have 1 mound hearts at most, if your HQ won first-run, you know the companion has HA, the HK of bright hand can be caught dead, you give HJ again with respect to this. At this moment. You still do not know DK is in whose home, companion and banker hold this piece of card possibly, then, you cannot give diamonds above all, would rather gives wintersweet to also do not give diamonds, if the companion has CK or CJ, you won't be in an unfavorable situation.
The 4th pace, executive plan. Last pace, want the plan that drafts according to oneself namely, carry out stage by stage, and, in card games, want to note the companion's signal, should use cautiously into the hand piece. These with do a village to make a way extremely similar. In addition, defend square even the card games circuitry according to banker, order giving a shop sign come the card affection of ascertain banker, card games intent, computational banker is defeated by mound possibly. Defend a card that still just gets hour him vigilance, when the person give a shop sign that becomes risk when oneself, want to avoid authority giving a shop sign to fall on his hand. Anyhow, defend just should find defend correctly plan, carry out it stage by stage again, strive for attack delay to enter into the agreement, obtain defend victory.
In front a few chapters, we had learned not little defend dozen of law. If answer the design and color that studies a companion, atttack the big shop sign of the other side, help companion is established long set win cluster, fly the big card that holds opposite party, what perhaps allow one's own side is sub big shop sign upgrades to win mound, flying medal, win those who have banker cluster, etc. Now. What we should tell is in pack of cards defend in making a way, how to make defend plan. How designedly is used a few defend necessarily dozen of law.

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