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Defend square plan
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As the person that defend, you must the habit that nurturance computation wins mound to count. Can have first calculate first, next, again the card affection according to bright hand, adjust, the calculation that revises oneself.
The 3rd pace, the choice defends dozen of law. Finishing above after two paces, defend just be about the card games means with specific make choice of, the plan comes to those who get affirmation win cluster with dozen of what kind of law, development is additional win cluster.
The study content of the face is knowable once upon a time, defend just obtain the means that wins cluster, have cash positive big shop sign wins mound, development to grow set win mound, flying medal, will eat, etc.
After when the card of bright hand booth is put, defend the person is OK this is clew, the card affection on integration analysis companion and banker hand, judgement did not see crucial shop sign piece the position, on this foundation, amend defend plan. Defend the measure that just gets information, information has: Of all kinds defend the date of be as good as one's word, choice that makes bank line according to banker, judgement did not see the position of big shop sign distributings.

If, you hold following skill cards, defend one enters into the agreement with what spade is trump card, head what to attack?
9 6 3
Q J 10
A Q 6
Q 9 6 4
You can win mound for certain to look have DA only, winning cluster potentially is when banker holds HA K × , you can obtain a hearts to win cluster; If the companion has HK, you can win 2 mound medal; If bright hold knock at K, the companion has but A, give hearts by you, you may obtain 3 mound hearts. Diamonds is the 2nd has get additional the design and color that wins cluster, want DK to be absent only bright hand, your DQ can win cluster. From the point of these two design and color, it is good that you give hearts at giving diamonds. Additional, wintersweet is covered on may make long set win cluster, but the help that this needs to get a companion. If the companion ever had called wintersweet, so you head attacking wintersweet is logical choice. If banker has called diamonds, you can think he has DK. You cannot give diamonds, hope people goes diamonds first, wait for windfalls of your AQ structure as it happens. Altogether, below the condition that can not supply referenced information, head attacking HQ is optimal choice. Head after attacking, the shop sign that you saw bright hand piece distributing for:
Bright hand (north)
K 8 5
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