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Defend square plan
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Defend plan and the part that make a village plan to having likeness, it includes the following 4 respects:
1, defend certainly target
2, computation wins cluster
3, the choice defends dozen of law
4, executive plan
Defending in card games process, defend the shop sign that the person cannot see a companion piece, this makes make defend the plan appears more important.
The first pace, defend certainly target. Defend square ultimate goal should attack delay to enter into the agreement namely. For this, he wants to be clear about above all, need to more or less win mound ability to attack delay to enter into the agreement at least. For example, the other side advocate hit 2S to enter into the agreement, defend just should get 6 ability winning cluster attack delay to enter into the agreement quite at least. Although this is add subtration problem simply, but it is very important to understand this is nodded.
The 2nd pace, computation wins cluster. Banker can see together card, of his computation one's own side win mound to often be compared easy, accurate. And defend the shop sign that just cannot see a companion, accordingly, they win in computation when mound is counted; Appear more difficult. For example:

(you)   (companion) A K 3 2
Q J 8 5 4
9 6 4 Q J 7 6
5 4
10 9 6
8 7 5 3

Assume you defend one is not had will enter into the agreement, you can think you have two spade to win mound and a hearts to win cluster, two pieces of when you cannot affirm a hand to go up small spade whether obtain win cluster. In card games process, you can discover these two pieces of small spade have worthless. After giving out a welcome to atttack the signal of spade when the companion, you just understand what your spade can obtain two above to win cluster. But, if you are held above such card goes to what be trump card with hearts defending enter into the agreement, dare not decide spade can obtain a few to win cluster, you can win cluster for certain exclusively absolutely is HA. On spade, when banker and the spade of bright hand distributing for 3—2, you can obtain 2 mound spade; When 4—1 distributings, can get 1 mound spade only; And when distributinging for 5—0, mound wins to also be done not have in on spade one. Of course, if HK is in your go up, HQ can be become win cluster. Namely head after attacking, you see bright hand does not have HK, win cluster with respect to what know HQ is an affirmation.
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