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Bridge plays a way basically
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Mix doubly again double with enter into the agreement of the person enter into the agreement closely related cent of gain and loss, become not quite originally especially bureau (divide inadequacy basically 100 minutes) enter into the agreement, double or again double hind and achieve when the bureau, split phase is poor meeting exceeds 500 minutes, break split phase to differ one times. Because this is used,reach doubly want again doubly particularly discreet.

7, card games

One enters into the agreement (without will or have will) after be being decided when call, defend azimuth says to head at banker left-hand attack a person, play the first piece of card by him namely.

Head next homes that attack a person are in an oneself plate after attacking implementation is full lay open, by place 4 with design and color, this calls bright hand.

Of bright hand it is banker to the home (say to enter into the agreement again person, dark hand) , he is in charge of hitting bright, the card of dark two tactics. After bright hand gives a shop sign, be turn for a companion that attacks a person to give a shop sign, be turn for finally enter into the agreement the person gives a shop sign. So far, 4 pieces of shop signs that had given are shared on the desk, every a piece, call one mound card.

Every person that must follow a shop sign gives the shop sign that is the same as design and color, if design and color already was used without this in the hand, usable trump card (a piece of any trump card are more than the card that is more than kind of design and color) will eat or pay one Zhang Xian card. In one mound card, if have trump card, the biggest trump card is to win a medal.

A the 2nd round card go out by the Na Jiaxian that wins the first cluster, other still obedient clock direction gives a shop sign, till 13 pieces of cards go out entirely,be over.

After 13 mound card is hit, enter into the agreement the mound of real income counts number Qing Dynasty, look entering into the agreement is as it happens is finished, still exceed mound or delay. Calculate next of this pair of card notch (abecedarian can not learn to calculate component first, obtain through checking a watch) .

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