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Bridge plays a way basically
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Of bridge have bureau and without bureau be factitious regulation, cannot change. Every pairs of card has fixed brand, dealing person, bureau condition.

Normally, people is not had on behalf of both sides with “—” bureau, NS has on behalf of north and south bureau, EW has on behalf of the thing bureau, b has on behalf of both sides bureau.

5, enter into the agreement

Alleged enter into the agreement, it is to show course call is decided by one party a call that agrees via another is progressional finally agreement. The one party that enters into the agreement certainly says to enter into the agreement square, its tenet is to should be finished enter into the agreement; The one party that agree says to defend square, its target is to attack break down to enter into the agreement hostily.

Calm reduction of a fraction has will enter into the agreement and do not have will enter into the agreement two kinds. Have will entering into the agreement is to decide some design and color is trump card. It is OK that trump card is divided outside cluster wins in this design and color, OK still will eat other 3 design and color (if do not have the word of this design and color) .

Enter into the agreement without what will enter into the agreement even if do not have trump card, its are defeated win to be compared only according to the size of each pieces of card in same design and color. (if you do not have this design and color, be forced to give other variety of designs, this calls discard, no matter size, cannot win cluster) .

Enter into the agreement to be divided into again bureau enter into the agreement and won't do bureau enter into the agreement, number of calm reduction of a fraction is full 100 minutes, call make it bureau to enter into the agreement, calm reduction of a fraction counts inadequacy 100 minutes, do not be called bureau enter into the agreement.

6, mix doubly again double

Double it is a noun that often appears in call process, its original intention thinks square to enter into the agreement to enter into the agreement just to be able to be beaten by one's own side for certain to defend, he calls “ double ” to be punished in order to show. Had been been by amplify in double meaning now all sorts of meanings, serve as penalty alone no longer and use.

If enter into the agreement,the “ double ” that just just calls to defending objects, believe one's own side still is sure to finish when entering into the agreement, can call “ again double ” will punish double square. Enter into the agreement again doubly, enter into the agreement cent of square gain and loss all is pressed fourfold (main component is multiplied with 4) computation. Double symbol expresses with “X” , again double symbol expresses with “XX” .

Can taste doubly to crying hostily only undertake, and can be opposite again doubly only hostile undertake doubly.
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