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Bridge plays a way basically
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1, partner and azimuth

4 people play bridge, two people are opposite another group for a group, sit in respectively east, south, on the west, of north locally. Sit south, two factitious one party of north, weigh north and south square; Sit east, the two factitious one party on the west, weigh a thing square.

2, card and deal

It is common take out 52 pieces of playing card of big, Xiaowang. Divide wintersweet, diamonds, hearts, spade in all 4 design and color. 4 kinds of design and color have the branch of on any account, be arranged according to order of English begin abecedarian and become, namely wintersweet (Club) is C, diamonds (Diamond) is D, hearts (Hearts) is H, spade (Spade) is S. Design and color of avery kind of has 13 pieces of cards, be as follows orderly: A (the biggest) , K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (the smallest) .

Still ” of design and color of a kind of “ makes not have will (NT) , do not have trump card namely (advocate card) meaning.

Deal, call, card games is undertake according to the clockwise. 52 pieces of cards allocate on average, everybody is 13 pieces.

3, call

After dealing, call should have before giving a shop sign. Call should undertake with specific symbol and diction. Press a regulation by the person that deal above all call, according to the discretion of pip, the person that deal also can not cry (Pass) , after this, leave the home by his again (left hand square) call, ordinal suitable hour hand undertakes by turns.

If 4 all do not cry, this pair of card becomes invalid with respect to declare, deal afresh by next homes.

Leave when after crying, any one can go up in higher level according to the order of category of design and color contend for cry, should make be counted higher or be in on number of a congener mound afore only a kind taller (design and color or without will) on call same mound number all but. Of the category arrange as follows, without will (highest) , spade, hearts, diamonds, wintersweet (lowest) call a spade so taller than calling a hearts, call a wintersweet to be not had than calling will tall. Until till 3 do not make express to admit. That design and color that cries highestly is trump card design and color (or without) , and the level that the number of this level enters into the agreement namely, both close say to enter into the agreement.

The purpose of call is to make each other knows card feeling between the companion, so that find optimal enter into the agreement, perhaps disturb the other side to choose to go out the most advantageous enter into the agreement, achieve the goal with hostile conquer with this.

4, bureau condition:

Create relatively complex situation to give the both sides of game, let card hand can develop his standard better thereby, bridge activity installed “ designedly bureau condition ” .

The one party of the bureau is gotten the better of notch more, be defeated to lose cent more, and can use again without the one party of the bureau was defeated lose cent little this one condition and competition of the other side. Have bureau just mix without bureau square different award is divided and punish cent (billiard-marker is expressed) .
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