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Computational card mound
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In variety of designs of an edge card (divide the design and color beyond trump card design and color) in, the number that loses mound is sheer won't over banker is in the card Zhang Shu in this design and color. Because we assumed banker does not have this design and color that the other side lays,this is when, will eat with trump card general. Banker may play smooth trump card finally, but the initial stage that making the plan that do a place of business, be told especially to abecedarian, take no account of this commonly.
If the card of banker the card Zhang Shao of Zhang Biming hand, the circumstance differs somewhat again. Try more following case:
Bright hand: 7542
Banker: 63
In this design and color banker is only two pieces, bright hand also can provide a help without any big shop signs. Answer when be defeated by mound for fiducial computation with the card of banker plan for 2 mound.
Bright hand: 63
Banker: 7542
If mix bright hand the card crossing-over of banker, although bright hand is only 2 pieces, this still has 4 to be defeated by mound in door design and color. When because you are calculated,be defeated by mound, be the card with banker is fiducial.

Join piece

You together the combination of a design and color is photograph connective card piece, differ 1 piece only or a few pieces of bigger shop signs piece, right now, the amount is defeated by mound of this design and color is the Zhang Shu of the big card that place of the other side holds. For example:
Bright hand: KQJ10
Banker: 962
Differ A together, only 1 is defeated by mound.
Bright hand: Q10 4
Banker: J63
This is short of AK in door design and color, 2 are defeated by mound.

Bright hand: J843
Banker: 10 9 5 2
This is short of AKQ in door design and color, 3 magnify card, 3 are defeated by mound.

In a design and color, when your hold connects piece of card, computation is defeated by mound and computation to win the great difference on mound to be able to make you feel very interesting. When hold KQJ, computation is defeated by mound only 1, however, when computation wins cluster however 1 also is done not have. Is this why? Because, will tell according to the definition, 1 wins mound should be an affirmation to win cluster, cluster wins in what do not break drop out card to counterpoise to be able to get. Apparent with KQJ such structure wants to win cluster, want to break 1 mound to give the A of the other side first necessarily, so, although these two kinds of circumstances issue the real card of this design and color,Zhang Qing condition is identical, but also cannot plan win cluster for certain for 2. Although be in,do not have in will entering into the agreement, see KQJ also is defeated by mound 1 times only not hard, but before was not being hit in A of the other side, their major is defined or be defeated by mound.

Unbacked big shop sign

When you only the independence big shop sign of 1 Zhang Fei A, and the other side has 1 piece or when more big shop signs, although be in the process of actual card games, you this piece of card can win cluster possibly, but the initial stage that making the plan that do a place of business should press computation is defeated by mound. For example:
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