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Computational card mound
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K Q J 10
7 6 3
A K 5 3
A 7
In spade design and color, after although be in,the SA of the other side is hit, you can win cluster; But cannot calculate win cluster for affirmation, you want to lose power giving a shop sign first necessarily when getting spade wins cluster at hostile. Together win mound to have 3 mound hearts for certain: HAKQ; 5 mound diamonds: DAKQJ and bright hand random 1 piece of small diamonds. Hostile together only 4 pieces of diamonds, so, cashing after DAK QJ, 1 piece of when bright hand remains little shop signs also are to win cluster. Plus 1 mound CA, add up to 9 mound card, you are OK make it enters into the agreement.

Computation is defeated by mound

However, in have in will entering into the agreement, it is with computation you are defeated by mound just to begin. What is to be defeated by mound? Be defeated by mound is the card mound that you must be defeated by the other side. If your entering into the agreement is 4S, you just have numerate however 4 are defeated by mound, enter into the agreement to finish, you must seek the way that destroys 1 to be defeated by mound at least.
Computation of a design and color be defeated by mound
How is computation defeated by mound? Normally, computation is defeated by mound to win cluster than computation a few more complex. Of computational pack of cards be defeated by mound also is to calculate those who give each design and color to be defeated by mound first. Be commonly in a design and color with you (banker) the card is fiducial, cipher out is defeated by mound, combine the companion's card next, look to whether big shop sign can offer a help, reach thereby the amount is defeated by mound of a design and color. The number is defeated by mound that adding up the number is defeated by mound of 4 design and color is this pack of cards.
For example:
Bright hand: Q4
Banker: AK2
Have a ——2 is defeated by mound from the point of the card of banker. Does bright hand have big shop sign to you can give help go up? It is good that the Q meeting “ of bright hand attends ” this piece 2, accordingly, not was defeated by mound in this design and color together.

Bright hand: 542
Banker: J63
From the point of the card of banker 3 are defeated by mound, bright hand also can provide a help without any big shop signs, should calculate in this design and color together 3 are defeated by mound, the other side to also can get 3 mound only in this design and color. If they give the word of the 4th piece of card again, you will be won with trump card.
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