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Computational card mound
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Winning cluster is not to be centered in same individual hand. Compare next exemples and the first photograph please:
Bright hand: AK64
Banker: QJ32
You still have 4 affirmation to win cluster together. Because two tactics card has same card Zhang Shu, giving a card to win 4 cluster with any order do not have difficulty, just when one party gives big shop sign, other one party should follow little shop sign.

Together the card Zhang Shu that the number winning cluster with a maximum design and color grows an one party impossibly in this over design and color.

Bright hand: AK
Banker: QJ
Together although have 4 big cards, but can get 2 mound merely however. Because together in of this design and color most long suit piece have 2 pieces only.

Bright hand: AK2
Banker: QJ
3 affirmation win cluster now. Because this design and color is medium chief one party has 3 pieces of cards, together only 1 magnify card can be wasted.

Bright hand: AKQ32
Banker: J 10
You just have A, K, Q, J, 10, 5 carry magnify card on the head, grow covered one party to have 5 pieces, accordingly, in this design and color, can win 5 to win cluster together.
Cashing after the big shop sign of one's own side, the other side does not have the rest card in this design and color, you do not need big shop sign to also can win cluster.

Bright hand: AKQJ2
Banker: 6543
In this design and color, you just have 9 pieces of cards, the other side has 4 pieces only merely. After destroying A, K, Q, J2, the other side won't have the rest card in this design and color piece, of bright hand 2 also will win 1 cluster. So, want in this design and color plan win cluster for certain for 5.

Bright hand: AK87
Banker: Q65432
Same argument, in such design and color you just have 6 affirmation to win cluster, but not certain when following case.

Bright hand: AKS
Banker: Q65432
6 may arise to win cluster in such design and color, but 4 pieces of shop signs that if hold of some the other side is all,remain: J 10 9 7, you are about to lose 1 mound. When computation wins cluster for certain still can plan for 3 mound.

Of computational pack of cards win cluster

Every dozens of pack of cards wants computation to win cluster for certain. This pair of card is to hit 3NT to enter into the agreement below, your target is to get 9 mound card. Calculate how many affirmation wins cluster?
Bright hand
5 4 3
Q J 6 4 2
9 8
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