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Make the plan that do a place of business
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1. Make a plan
To hand of great majority card, be happy to become banker quite, paddle one's own canoe the ground leads either medal, get what what ask entering into the agreement win mound number hard. But before a lot of abecedarian often were not making a card games plan, begin to give a shop sign hastily, often have one half in card games, in just can discovering skill shop sign, you still have win cluster, but can stare at them with desirous look only however and cannot cash into the hand; In play away perhaps the ability after a few mound understands to still another method can decrease be defeated piece, but already was mend the fold after a sheep is lost. Accordingly, be about to learn to make the plan that do a place of business when learning card games at the beginning, this will conduce to you improving card games technology.
Do a village to plan measure
After the shop sign that sees bright hand, should a little halt a little while, make a plan that do a place of business, next according to plans to undertake. The plan doing a place of business of bridge has 4 basic measure:
1. Define a goal
There should be a cause before doing everything. Play bridge the cause that you should understand first before doing Zhuang Zhi, you should win how many cluster at least, ability is finished enter into the agreement.
2. Computational card mound
After defining a goal, you need consideration together win cluster, looking is enough is finished enter into the agreement, achieve your goal. In have when will entering into the agreement, should calculate be defeated by mound, see number is defeated by mound whether be inside permission range.
3. Analyse article program
If together win mound to be able to be finished enter into the agreement, so, you need to consider to press what kind of order to cash your win cluster. If together win mound to be able to 't be finished enter into the agreement, you must try to build win cluster additionally.
We had learned in copy a few build additional the means that wins cluster. Be like:
Promotion is sub big shop sign
Establish grow a design and color
Flying card
Bright hand will eat be defeated piece
Sometimes, you may have promotion sub the ability of big shop sign, still have the opportunity of flying card, perhaps can let bright hand will eat to be defeated by mound. But you must be made in a variety of plan quite, the selection gives first-rate plan.
4. Decision-making carry out
Do anything to have a right order, do Zhuang Ye not exceptional, after choosing an optimal plan, should press correct
Order goes finishing, the case that can prepare to meet any contingencies at any time happens. Before playing the first piece of card, still need overall consideration, arrange as a whole. Alone in a design and color optimal dozen of law is differ be entire deputy brand surely is optimal make a way.

The first step that makes the plan that do a place of business is firm objective. No matter be to playing bridge to still play a cosmopolitan game, should consider carefully as a fine bridge athlete from already card games target. Goal of pure consideration card games is extremely simple, from finish enter into the agreement the amount winning cluster of a need can automatical get. However, banker still must consider without will mix have the different case that will enter into the agreement.
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