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Head attack the following plan
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A 9 4
A K Q J 8
A Q J 7 A K 8 5
K 3 2
10 4 3
8 6 4 10 7 6 4 2
9 6 5
10 9 3 2 Q J 9
Q J 10 8 6 5
7 2
K 5

South advocate hit 6H to enter into the agreement, you head attack SA, after the shop sign that sees bright hand, you know to be able to get 1 mound spade only, but if you get HK, can attack delay to enter into the agreement. Nevertheless, your HK position is adverse, banker can fly possibly dead it. At this moment, one kind defends the HK that hits a law to be able to let you wins 1 cluster, that shortens namely the trump card of bright hand, the HK that lets you thereby becomes flying amaranthine card mound. Specific making a way is you give SK again, bright hand must will eat. After this, bright hand has two pieces of trump card only, cannot fly dead HK, then your HK gets 1 mound again, enter into the agreement delay one.
Be in the 2nd round when, if you hate to part with a SK to will eat to bright hand, banker can fly dead HK, and with wintersweet or diamonds mat winning cluster goes spade is defeated by mound.

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