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Head attack the following plan
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Defend the plan wants loot priority

Defend just should have the consciousness that hits out first, obtain enough winning first mound. For example:

K 6 4
K 7 3
9 6 4
A 9 5 2 5 2
Q J 10 8 5
K 3
Q 7 4 3 Q J 10 9 7
6 4
A 8 5
10 8 6 A 8 3
A 9 2
Q J 10 7 2

South advocate hit 3NT to enter into the agreement, companion head attacks HQ, bright hand builds HK and win this cluster. Then, banker gives diamonds from bright hand, which pieces of shop sign do you give? Does according to “ the 2nd fundamental that gives ” of little shop sign give D5?
If you give D5, banker can be finished enter into the agreement. Although can have been done,the companion's hearts is covered, but he did not take a hand however piece. You from the companion head attack OK and clear, companion hold hearts joins piece, hearts is covered those who you attack delay to enter into the agreement is potential win cluster, you must help a companion build long set win cluster. Accordingly, when bright hand goes diamonds, you should give DA, farewell attacks hearts, help what the companion destroys banker stop piece. After this, the companion's DK takes a hand, can cash hearts wins cluster. You with hearts of 2 mound diamonds, 3 mound, in all the achievement of 5 mound card, attack delay to enter into the agreement.
Of course, if banker agrees self-surrender the word of round of hearts, defending just attack delay to enter into the agreement without the opportunity.
Normally, you are not willing to give big shop sign in the 2nd, but not be to say the 2nd decides little shop sign. Same, normally you are not willing to let bright hand obtain will eat win cluster, thing of in every case all has exception. Sometimes, letting bright hand be defeated by those who have banker mound is advantageous to overall situation. Following faces this card exemple, you are on the west, complete card is as follows:


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