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Head attack the following plan
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A K 5
A 7 3
A 8 6 A Q J
J 10 8 4
Q 6 4
Q 9 5 5
9 7 2
10 9 5 2
10 7 4 3 2 K 10 8 6 3
Q 6 3
K J 8

Companion head attacks HJ, bright hand goes A. Banker gives small spade from bright hand then, SK is put on the hand, family expenses SA wins cluster on the west, later, what should the home give again on the west?
The home can see one's own side has 3 mound spade on the west, and from where should 1 mound card come finally?
What the home analyses you on the west is first-run give a shop sign: If you follow H2, express not to welcome to give hearts, so, on the west the home turns probably attack wintersweet or diamonds, and this turns attack undoubted meeting to assist banker; If you are first-run,follow a H9, the companion can think you welcome to give hearts again, after taking a hand in spade then, won't turn attack wintersweet or diamonds, attack hearts again however, this is your most appropriate design and color giving a shop sign.
After giving hearts again when the companion, banker does not fly CQ or DQ, enter into the agreement delay one. So, how can you just look reach the companion can give hearts only, unfavorable turn attack other variety of designs?
Its reason depends on your brand force and the card affection of bright hand. Bright hand has DA and CA, and you have two only 10, you should be analysed reach, the companion has 1 magnify card only at most on wintersweet or diamonds, he is in the other side besiege in, accordingly you cannot encourage him to attack low flower. Perhaps say, you do not have brand force on low flower, know add gives hearts to not be in an unfavorable situation, accordingly you give hearts big shop sign, tell an associate this, whether does the companion turn attack, be decided by him himself. Before you are hitting hearts, still need to cash first SQJ, such ability won't be thrown.

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