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Head attack the following plan
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K 5

Banker wins with the DQ of bright hand first-run, cash instantly SAK, give CK again, the companion follows 2, you know the companion is to calling piece of several signal, then your self-surrender, when the CQ that gives wintersweet to give bright hand again when banker, you use A to eat. At this moment, are you answered what to attack? If according to answer the principle that studies companion design and color, you should give diamonds, but, you already did not have trump card, after the DA of bright hand takes a hand, sure meeting hits what wintersweet will fill up banker hand to go up to be defeated by mound, accordingly, you cannot be answered absolutely attack diamonds, ought to avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, atttack the hearts of rotten colors —— of banker. If HA is on banker hand, enter into the agreement to be become surely, you send a hope to be at HA on companion hand only, so, you ought to turn in time attack HJ. Na Re gives HQ, h8 goes out again after the HA lid on the west eats, fly the H10 of dead north, you get 3 mound hearts at a draught, add CA, in all 4 mound card, enter into the agreement delay one.
If you answer the sentence that attacks diamonds, banker can exceed 1 mound to finish enter into the agreement.
Change in time attack, can make defend mat of Home Fang Zaizhuang goes be defeated before mound, take enough oneself win cluster.
Look again below this card exemple. You are on the west, call process is:
Southeast north on the west
—1S —
2C—2S —
You head attack HA, complete card is as follows:


Q 7 2
10 6 5
K 5
A K Q 10 8 J 6
A K J 9 3
10 8 6 2
J 9 9 4

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