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Should take top cent to have to call 4 tall flowers
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This pair of card is derived from 1978 new orleans two-men of bridge of the 5th world (to type) the actual combat record of tounament. Among them Lei Ding sits north, yang Xiaoyan sits south, in this match they become world champion first. Lei Ding has 23 years old only at that time.

North deals: Thunder of · of boreal Zhu Di is fourth
Double without bureau S Q 10 3 2
H J 10 2
D Q 10 8 6
C K 8
On the west east
S J 9 5 S A 7 4
H 9 6 H 8 7 5 4
D 7 3 2 D J 95
C A J 10 9 7 C Q 5 2
Na Yang small swallow
S K 8 6
H A K Q 3
D A K 4
C 6 4 3

Call process:
Southeast north on the westPass Pass1C Pass
1NT Pass2C X
2H Pass3C Pass
3D Pass 4H PassPass Pass

In other on each desk, this call result of deputy card is mostly by south advocate hit 3NT to enter into the agreement. Face the female flower that domestic head attacks on the west, banker is obliged to the careless beautiful K with bright hand attacks and be in so that diamonds A-K-Q takes off instantly after entering, fortunately the thing distributings twice for diamonds 3-3, then banker takes diamonds of flower of one mound grass, 4 mound and 4 mound hearts, just finish enter into the agreement, obtain 400 minutes.

In Lei Ding and Yang Xiaoyan afore-mentioned call processes appear however on this desk. Yang Xiaoyan leaves call 1 female flower to denote hold above is strong at 16 o'clock card, lei Ding should call 1NT to denote hold at least the average card 8 o'clock; The home calls 2 grass the flower again south is retrorse Sitaiman asks cry, what boreal home uses an agreement is special answer call methodological —— to answer of hold of place of the person that cry is the design and color of one class covers the tower above that goes out than calling 4 pieces, consequently boreal home answers call 2 hearts denotive it is 4 pieces of spade cover hold; The home calls 3 rough beautiful idea to be in again south further inquiry card, boreal home should call 3 diamonds to make clear return hold 4 pieces of diamonds are covered. The card that Yang Xiaoyan analyses a companion quickly: Make in the 2 female flowers that the home calls to oneself on the west after stating hold grass flower grows an A of the flower that reach grass doubly, be like hold according to conventional north home 3 pieces of female flowers should send department, accordingly the card of knowable north home for
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