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Association of international bridge news 2004 year optimal call
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The person that report: • fining jade is gentle path (Norwegian)

Deal east, north and south has bureau

J 9 7 4 3 Q J 4 2 6 A Q J 8 7 8 5 2 A 10 5 8 A Q 10 7 K J 5 3 A K 4 2 K 10 6 Q 10 9 5 3 K 9 7 6 3 9 8 4 2 6

On the west   north   east south  
  of Lan De of cloth collect case Sailunsiminde
/ / of   of      
  of 2C     / / of   of   of   of 2D of      
2NT   / / of   of   of   3S  
  of 4D     / / of   of   of   of 4H of      
4NT   / / of   of   of   5D  
  of 6C     /   of   of   of 7D of       / /

This pair of card appears in championship contest of bridge of the 47th Europe. Wave Ye • ; Buluogelande (Boye Brogeland) and Eric • ; Sailunsiminde (Erik Salensminde) is the card hand that the diamonds vole that called can one pair one to say iron is hit only enters into the agreement. On the west after 2C again 2NT, state 22-24 is nodded all model card; 3S shows two low flowers east. Show on the west after choosing D east buckle call H to show short door. 5D is a key piece, 6C is vole interest. The shop sign that sees oneself have a companion to need east, h is OK will eat, there are control and additional length the 3rd round on C, then push forward arrives 7D. 7D is enter into the agreement very well, will eat H twice and can not need flying S, hit be without difficulty. (Fu Jiang is compiled)
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