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2003 year are optimal call award: Bart Bulamuli / on the west Ni Lazade (the Uni
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In the competition of blue lacy two-men that this pair of card gives to was held at American phoenix city in December 2002 now, this is one of items with ACBL autumn the mainest contest.

Deal on the west, the thing has bureau

A1075 AKQ7543 106 A1053 QJ K7 AQJ109


On the west   north   east south  
    cloth pulls Lazade Mu benefit
3S of   of   of   of 2C of   of   of 1S of   of 1H    
  of 4D     / / of   of   of   of   of 4H of      
  of 4S     / / of   of   of   of   of 6C of      
  of 7H     /   of   of   of 7NT of       / /

Lazade did not choose 2C to leave cry, because bureau condition is right adversary is very advantageous, and his S is gap. In first advocate after covering, if place expects, adversary is crowded occupied many call space, lazade is facing the problem that how chooses the 2nd round to make taste. His 4D was solved well at this moment difficult problem, this makes taste already natural, force again cry, and maintained as far as possible small rank number. The 4H of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord is shown anthology, look to have a bit conservative, but his concern is existing to be broken possibly match, do not wish to be in circumstance not bright when cry exorbitantly. This is shown anthology gave up a concern that the home covers to H on the west, make he believes this can eat, buckle with 4S on the west then cry (exclusive a blame makes naturally taste) indication slam interest, explore to what the card with this daedal hand undertakes successive. This 4S makes east the feeling that quite ” pokes cloud and mist to see blue sky ” , already OK the calm takes native place, what cannot decide exclusively is with which one makes trump card best. The 6C east is a wonderful descriptive sex makes taste, already echo slam explores, show the strength that C covers again, make clear to 6C is at the same time can offer an alternative enter into the agreement. If domestic H loses a bit on the west and D is a bit good, hold similar such card:
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