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Make a way without the be the banker that will enter into the agreement: Use sub
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When you hit deck, cannot be to rely on big shop sign to win mound to be able to be finished those who enter into the agreement. Be like you do a village to resemble unplugging euqally simple will big shop sign takes green Chinese onion to finish sth, playing bridge will be extremely insipid thing, the whole world also won't have so much be bent on the person be obsessed with of bridge.

Be over in computation when you you together after big shop sign wins cluster, discovery still differs a few mound from the requirement, how should you try to find out needs card mound?

Will sub make it of big shop sign wins cluster is simpler way. See case please:
Bright hand
A 7 3
K J 10 9 8
8 3
9 6 3

You enter into the agreement 6 NT
You are banker
Domestic head attacks SQ on the west
K 9 2
Q 7
A K 10 6

You have diamonds of 2 mound spade, 2 mound and flower of 4 mound grass together, hearts is to connect 5 pieces of piece of structure to cover a shop sign, differ A only, if can use 1 piece the A that card top gives opposite party, can get 4 mound hearts, add up just enough 12 mound. How that carries out what what you make to make bank plan again?

Above all you cannot have taken the other side with the S A of bright hand head study a shop sign piece. If you come up to employ the SA of bright hand, hearts is hit to try to force in you when the H A that gives opposite party, the other side may not eat when the first round of hearts, when the 2nd round of hearts reoccupy A gets, their evermore also does not give hearts again, 3 pieces of your hearts in bright hand are big shop sign completely, but also can not receive the big card of bright hand again however, you can anxiously ground looks at while still alive of 3 mound hearts starved to death, the duck that thoroughly cook flew away.

Making a way correctly should be the S K in using a hand those who win each other head attack, give HQ next. If the A of the other side eats,entered, what to no matter the other side is answered,attack, you can get, give small hearts to arrive again bright hand, cash then the big shop sign of 3 mound hearts of bright hand, give diamonds or female flower to return a hand to go up again, take the big shop sign on the hand to won mound to go. If the A of the other side is in the first round when hearts self-surrender, the 2nd round when when eating, you withhold the S A that come down meticulously when card of 1 mound will be to cash the medal taking a hand that 3 mound hearts wins cluster piece.
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