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Make a way without the be the banker that will enter into the agreement: Delay t
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So far, when you become banker, besides building long set winning cluster is appreciably considered a few hostile the shop sign that grows a design and color to go up in you distributings outside the circumstance, your attention basically falls on you and 26 pieces of cards of bright hand entirely. Perhaps be we will not defend the before account that square card puts in you, make you forgot to sit in with you same the adversary of animosity of piece of additionally two cherish by the table the card that eye covetously ground stares at a desk to go up, ground of rack one's brains is computative your card, they also prepare to cash their affirmation wins cluster, they always also want to force the big shop sign that gives you, those who let them is sub big shop sign is become win cluster, and try every means builds their length cover win cluster. They and you are holding same purpose in the arms, this wins cluster namely. Accordingly, you are in at any time when doing a place of business be browbeaten, if be not believed, look please below this pair of card:

Bright hand
A 7 2
K 8 4
9 5 4
A Q J 3 K Q J 6 5
Q 10 9
8 7 2
6 5 10 9 8
J 6 3
J 10 6
K 8 4 you
4 3
A 7 2
A K Q 3
10 9 4 2

You just do 3NT to enter into the agreement, domestic head attacks SK on the west. You begin consideration the big shop sign of your one party wins cluster: 1 mound spade, 2 mound hearts, 3 mound diamonds and 1 mound grass are beautiful, altogether 7 mound card. The likelihood has two of the design and color of origin winning cluster elementary design and color. If the diamonds 3-3 of the other side allocates, you can get one mound diamonds more, but this lets you not possibly enter into the agreement take a turn to be out of danger, you must hit development to win cluster in female flower. Together in the structure of female flower should be special ideal. The CK in flying, can I get 3 mound; Flying bos also can increase 2 mound, ensure finish enter into the agreement. Then, you are eating with SA into head study a shop sign piece hind, lay diamonds turn around and stretch out one's hand, give C10, in the home follows on the west piece 5 hind bright hand is put 3, be taken by the K of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord. You can have gotten 3 mound card in female flower now, finish enter into the agreement wants 9 mound shop sign is put clearly already on the desk, but authority giving a shop sign is in a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord. A form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord answers a spade, the home hits Q on the west, cash again then J and had done big length to cover win cluster---S65. Hostile altogether got 4 mound spade and 1 mound CK, in all 5 mound card, beat enter into the agreement.
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