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Make a way without the be the banker that will enter into the agreement: Take ha
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We know to play bridge have such regulation, the person that win a medal gets card of below one mound. So, who wants to be gotten (head attack except) , who must have the card that takes a hand, win the medal of mound namely, this takes a hand namely piece.
In you the hard to avoid when card games does not appear the situation of awkwardness of a few your people. If grow just,cover win mound to be built, but cannot let him cash into the hand however; Perhaps an affirmation can let you win the flying medal of mound, cannot take a hand because of your companion however and must abandon. Accordingly, you make bank plan in what engineer you when, want to consider to win the origin of mound not only, and can foresighted, prearrange is good how to go getting them, such, your card ability can rise greatly. See the case below please.
Bright hand
7 3
Q 5
7 4
A K 8 6 5 4 2
You enter into the agreement 6NT
You are banker
Domestic head attacks DJ on the west
A K Q 2
A 7
A Q 6 5 3
9 7
On the west a card of the home make you cheap 1 mound, the Q in your hand became to win cluster for certain. You just have diamonds of hearts of 3 mound spade, 1 mound, 2 mound and 2 mound grass flower, altogether 8 mound card, finish enter into the agreement to still need 4 mound. Learned to build in us long set after winning cluster, the reader is potential a best design and color that can see female flower is to be able to provide source winning cluster, but how to go getting them?
You have 9 pieces of female flowers together, there are 4 pieces on hand of the other side, be like their each hold 2 pieces word, the AK that you need to use bright hand only can carry light their grass is beautiful, the small female flower that bright hand remains is completely big, give card right just right to be in right now bright hand, can cash instantly these female flowers win cluster. But if 4 pieces of cards in hand of the other side are 3-1,distributing, after you destroy AK, there still are 1 piece of female flowers to defend bright hand in hand of the other side, you can send 1 mound again, do big the small grass of bright hand is beautiful, but bright hand also cashs again without the card that takes a hand them.
From card of the other side piece in light of distributive probability, 3 - 1 allocate for 50 % , 2 - 2 allocate for 40% , if in the condition permission condition falls,you always should consider successful rate to distributing high. In this pair of card, calculate on CAK, need you to grab 6 straw only the flower is sufficient already, you have bear the ability that loses 1 mound grass to spend, accordingly, you are doing a place of business is should satisfy at finishing to enter into the agreement above all, cannot too avaricious. There are 2 pieces of small female flowers on your hand, only CAK takes bright hand twice hand piece, you are building female flower to grow a Shi Recai winning cluster to take carry first again missive method, the female flower on the hand and the AK of bright hand are hit smooth, the careless beautiful little shop sign of bright hand is done big, you also cannot enter bright hand to cash they.
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