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Make a way without the be the banker that will enter into the agreement: Avoid r
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This is one kind when often take dozen of law to be united in wedlock together cheek by jowl with delay makes a way.

When you are doing a place of business although face two foes, but not be they constituted menace to you sometimes. The likelihood is opposite one of them your have no alternative, and another hides however kill machine. When if you must break drop out card,counterpoising, need you to identify true bogus, a of escape danger, "Be close to the one party of "" friendly " , give authority giving a shop sign a when to you nondestructive kills, can make sure you are built namely so win cluster, unapt those who let you enter into the agreement destroy at once.

Bright hand
A 8
K Q 2
A J 9 7
K 9 7 2 K Q J 10 7 4
J 8
4 3
Q J 6 6 5
10 7 6 5 4
Q 6 5 2
10 8 you
9 3 2
A 9 3
K 10 8
A5 4 3

You are a 3NT enters into the agreement, on the west of the home head attack straight from the shoulder, attack a SK. Your big shop sign wins mound to have 1 mound spade, 3 mound hearts, 2 mound diamonds and 2 mound grass are beautiful, altogether 8 mound card, finish enter into the agreement to still differ 1 mound. Together female flower has 8 pieces, but quality is too poor, want to get 1 mound not to go up impossibly more lose power giving a shop sign, and more terrible is you cannot be controlled at all give authority giving a shop sign which defends square. Under photograph comparing, the circumstance on diamonds design and color is very different. Diamonds differs 1 piece of Q, and these 1 piece of cards are to may have double flying card. You can consider Q to be in on the west, give little shop sign from bright hand, use on the hand 10 had flown. No matter can fly in, can build what what need to win cluster for you in diamonds, once fly,the way that so you have flying card should depend on after card accidentally drop, authority giving a shop sign is unapt fall into what have risk to defend in square hand.
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