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The be the banker that will enter into the agreement makes a way: Fill up be def
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Will eat be defeated piece it is to have in will entering into the agreement one kind of the richest appeal makes a way, the trump card that lets hold one party of short trump card especially will eat be defeated piece hind, be defeated piece disappear, the scene of generation winning cluster is to establish lever to see a movie more.
The trump card circumstance of you and bright hand hold is below:
Bright hand
J 8 2
A K Q 10 7

If trump card uses condole general entirely, criterion you have 5 to win cluster on trump card. If you used the chief trump card in the hand to will have an edge card,be defeated piece, again you can get 4 mound again additionally when condole general, adding up still is 5 mound. If you are to used the short trump card of bright hand to will have an edge card,be defeated piece if, you still can get 5 mound trump card again when condole general, such adding up you are attainable 6 mound trump card. The short trump card that is like bright hand can if will eating card of two mound edge to be defeated by mound, you are attainable 7 mound trump card.
After getting the sense that knew one party of short trump card to will eat generation to win cluster, we will see a pair of specific card example.
Bright hand
Q J 7 4 2
Q J 10
K 10 7 3
You enter into the agreement 4S
You are banker
Domestic head attacks SA on the west
K 10 6 5 3
9 8 5
A 5 3
A 2

Western head attacks trump card A, you give little shop sign from bright hand, a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord also follows a shop sign of 1 piece of young general, the home as string of 1 again on the west will.
You had been defeated by 1 mound on trump card, the other side does not have trump card now. There still are 3 heartses to be defeated in your hand piece. Such structure is like diamonds flying bos K is defeated by 1 mound; If can fly in criterion 1 mound is not defeated. Look now solve hearts to be defeated piece it is to finish the key that enter into the agreement.
Bright hand has 1 piece of hearts only, and have enough trump card, after can sending 1 mound hearts, will eat 2 hearts that remain to be defeated piece. After then you win into the 2nd round of trump card, give small hearts to give opposite party. The other side turns the flower that attack grass, you get with the A in the hand. Give hearts, bright hand will eat, give DQ flying shop sign, if can succeed, you were not defeated on diamonds piece, you will above quota 1 mound is finished enter into the agreement. You can use the DA in the hand, or trump card takes a hand, give the 3rd piece of small hearts, let bright hand will eat, the hearts that eliminates a hand to go up is defeated piece, finish slow and steady enter into the agreement.
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