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The be the banker that will enter into the agreement makes a way: Take a hand pi
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If you from take a hand piece the card exemple that has learned before angle look back on, you can discover, no matter be to be in,notting have is to have in will entering into the agreement, the problem that take a hand is the issue that the consideration wants in every pack of cards, she is almost first and last be used to wears the process at whole card games in.

A banker makes bank plan in protocol when, computation wins cluster or always be defeated first piece. If satisfy the requirement that enter into the agreement, be about to consider how to should cash win cluster, how to perhaps decrease be defeated piece, this is to which one party with respect to drag in when what the problem of junior hand. If win mound to perhaps be defeated by Zhang Guo not quite much, you must disentomb again origin winning cluster, build win cluster, perhaps find out destroy the way that loses mound, these you are all the job that should want to do is as close together as the problem that take a hand relevant. Into the hand Zhang Shiqiao card makes a way in general and all in all task.

In the big shop sign that entering hand Zhang Dou without what in will entering into the agreement, we know is some of card face piece, and in have the hand is taken in will entering into the agreement piece be big shop sign not only. The special might of trump card decided she is in into the hand piece there is important role in this one domain, she makes what will enter into the agreement take hand issue more complex, more interesting.

Doing have when will entering into the agreement, the trump card that you want to go up to hand of the other side at any time will eat you possibly win cluster, accordingly, when once a string of 1 trump card is done not have to you,be being damaged, you always should keep clear of as early as possible the trump card in hand of the other side. After having such consideration, you lay which design and color first in arrangement when, cannot resemble hitting without like will entering into the agreement.

Bright hand
7 5
Q 2
A K Q J 10 9
K 8 3

You enter into the agreement 7S
You are banker
Domestic head attacks CQ on the west
A K Q J 10 4
A 9 6
A 7 4 2

Or as usual, before you are playing piece of card, should plan carefully your be defeated by Zhang Qing condition, consider to be clear about how to should be done next again.
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