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Make a way without the be the banker that will enter into the agreement: Build g
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3 kinds of afore-mentioned means basically are to rely on a card piece bulk will obtain win cluster. If play bridge only the more or less will decide to win cluster amount by big shop sign, the composition of that luck is too heavy, craftsmenship is too poor, bridge also will lose her chief power. Accordingly, a fine card hand should know the little shop sign in how using a hand will win card cluster.
Growing those who cover design and color to win cluster is normally in great majority of one party hold card piece the generation in design and color. After this design and color has been hit a few rounds, other one party already did not have this design and color, the little shop sign that grows in this design and color also rises to win cluster.
To abecedarian, the long suit that how can you just know him one party has been become win piece? It is not difficult to come this are told to you, you want computation to be clear that you grow the card Zhang Shu in covering design and color to look only, pay close attention two adversary in this design and color
With card circumstance, make a simple subtration operation next, everything can be clear that the ground is placed in you before. We let explain how to be built with exemple of a few cards below grow a design and color to win cluster.

Bright hand
A 7 2
A 8
K Q 2
K Q 7 4 2
You enter into the agreement 3NT
You are banker
Domestic head attacks HK on the west
K 5 3
4 3 2
5 4 3
A 5 3

After booth of bright hand trump card is put on the desk, you begin consideration the big shop sign of your one party wins cluster. Diamonds of hearts of mound of 2 mound spade, L, 3 mound and 3 mound grass are beautiful, reliable 9 mound card is hands-down. How to return a responsibility? You may feel puzzled, the card regular meeting that why gives out is simpler and simpler? Fasten anxious, be able to bear or endure strength is hit first! You eat with the A of bright hand take the other side head attack, hit the A that grass spends little shop sign to go up in one's hand, thing two it is C8 and C6 respectively with the card, you give grass to spend the K of bright hand again, two defend following a shop sign just is C9 and C10 respectively, you cash again now the Q of bright hand, a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord follows a CJ, the home filled up 1 piece of S8 on the west. Are you advertent of the other side with the card? The distributinging condition that allows us to calculate careless beautiful design and color to be in 4.
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