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Make plan of be the banker: Computational card mound
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Computational card mound

The 2nd step that makes the plan that do a place of business is computational card mound, computation wins cluster or be defeated by mound namely. Go out when computation after winning mound to perhaps be defeated by mound to count, answer to be compared with photograph of card games target, look whether enough is finished enter into the agreement, if return need not quite,mound of how many card just can achieve a goal.
Win mound and be defeated by mound
Be in without in will entering into the agreement, because both sides does not have trump card, won't appear will eat, it is a few easier that computation already won mound just to want oneself, but it is difficult to want him estimation to be defeated by mound just right now. Uncontrollable without trump card the other side cashs their length covers design and color to win cluster, and the length that does not know them covers design and color to have how long, how can is appraise cipher out defeated by mound?
In have in will entering into the agreement, the effect of trump card design and color makes so that computation is defeated by mound to become easy. Trump card design and color can help you avoid to be in those who do not have the likelihood when will entering into the agreement to be defeated by mound, the trump card that you can use bright hand will eat or be the method in card of overlay winning cluster is eliminated be defeated by mound, accordingly, be in without will or it is to have will enter into the agreement, should calculate respectively their win cluster or be defeated by mound.
Computation wins cluster or be defeated by a mound is pair of foreground merely to estimate roughly. Be in without in will entering into the agreement, if you break the word that drops advantageous position giving a shop sign even, need considers him to just be defeated by mound potentially repeatedly. In have in will entering into the agreement, you need to seek the source that wins cluster.
Be in without when will entering into the agreement, always be computation wins cluster at the beginning. Here those who win mound to point to is to win cluster for certain. Winning cluster for certain is to point to those is in not to break drop out card to counterpoise to be able to win the big medal of card mound instantly.

Computation wins cluster

Computation of a design and color win cluster
How does computation win cluster? It is to watch you and fellow above all (banker and bright hand) together each design and color in the card has what affirm a few times to win cluster, win the affirmation of 4 design and color mound number to add up again get entering into the agreement to just be in in this pack of cards always win cluster. For example:

Bright hand: AKQJ
Banker: 6432
Together 4 win cluster for certain. Below the case that does not lose power of drop out card, a, K, Q, J can win card cluster.
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