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Make plan of be the banker: Decision-making carry out
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The last step that makes custom-built bank plan is decision-making carry out. What what to achieve progress you need is additional win cluster, perhaps eliminate the purpose that loses mound, you may have more than a kind of method. In addition, need sets out from overall situation, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, give optimal chance choicely, those who admit your place need is additional win cluster. Although you had what what need to win cluster, also want to notice to avoid risk, prevent accident circumstance to happen.

Avoid pitfall

Sometimes, you discover you can get comparing finishing entering into the agreement what needing to win cluster fortunately more card mound. See the case below please.
Bright hand
K Q 6
7 5 2
K J 10
A Q 7 6

A 3 2
K 8 6
A Q 7 5 3
3 2

Entering into the agreement is 3NT, head attack C5.
If you give the word of CQ from bright hand, the likelihood is the fine the main chance that gains to win cluster above quota, but here however under cover crisis. What is finishing this optimal method that enter into the agreement?
Before handling a special design and color, also want to make your plan that do a place of business first. The first pace of the plan is affirmatory oneself enter into the agreement target, want ability of 9 mound card to finish 3NT to enter into the agreement. The 2nd pace of the plan is computation your certain amount winning cluster. Your affirmation wins mound to have: 3 mound spade, 5 mound diamonds and 1 mound wintersweet, add up to 9 win cluster. The 3rd pace is analytic plan. Because you had had,enter into the agreement of a need win cluster, so, this this one pace of deputy card was done no longer. The 4th pace of the plan is decision-making carry out. You need to concentrate energy only now, ordinal cash 9 your win mound to go.
After you made the plan that do a place of business, clear and OK finish enter into the agreement; Accordingly, do not give CQ when card of the first mound. If you forgot to make a plan, CQ goes out when card of the first mound, occurrence what problem? If CQ is eaten to enter by the CK of the other side of your right hand, this the other side will give hearts. Your HK may be built to eat off by the HA of adversary of your Zun Fang. On wintersweet and hearts, your one party is likely play away 4 mound above, defend just beat originally can of make it enter into the agreement.
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