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Without what will enter into the agreement head attack: Choose a design and colo
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Study a shop sign to having what will enter into the agreement, cover besides the length that gives you, the 4th piece when cover by force besides, still have more anything else you also need to know. Sometimes hostile the optimal design and color that ever had called you, sometimes you have the design and color with two length and basically similar intensity, also divulge to be able to get attacking the reference of the card correctly in information from companion and hostile call sometimes. A few basic principles are below.
1, the companion is contended for call Guo Mou design and color, he hopes you study the design and color that he calls of course. You answer apt studies this design and color, unless yourself has a very strong design and color additionally, and by set have into the hand piece.
2, strong link piece cover 4 pieces (KQJX, KQ10X, QJ10X) cover with 5 relatively flimsy pieces (JXXXX, QXXXX) than, ought to first consideration.
3, you have advanced variety of designs and elementary design and color in the design and color that had not cryinging each one can choose for studying a shop sign, and the condition of these two design and color is fundamental similar, first choice answers when you study a shop sign advanced variety of designs. Because the other side conceals the length of advanced variety of designs rarely in call,this is, and often should conceal length to elementary design and color.
4, if bright hand was used this push the door (Stayman) ask make a way, should assume he has a 4 Zhang Gao class to cover at least, and you know him not hard also be which. For example your on the home leaves call 1NT, next homes call 2C, the home calls 2S on, next homes call 3NT to end call with jumping, can know bright hand has 4 pieces of hearts surely. Unless your hearts is very good,join piece, should avoid to attack hearts otherwise.
5, sometimes the card that you took skill pole to lose, you hope the design and color of the companion in attacking, although his have not has made a brand. Nevertheless you want to remember, if the companion is in 1 rank although the opportunity can be contended for,had not opened a mouth from beginning to end, the opportunity that you miss to the length that looks for a companion covers hit the right nail on the head is not big.
6, if foregone bright hand has a very strong length to cover, you have absolutely necessary a brand that makes aggression sex. Peace is optional attack AKX, KQX, or QJX, can have covered than growing infirmly much.
7, have on the design and color that you should make the companion knows you are attacked in place without big shop sign, make him good decide to should be denied change instantly attack other the design and color that has vitality. The proposal is as follows:
(1) head study the little shop sign that had not made design and color, express above still have big card. Resemble such 8632 rotten colors for instance, head attacking should be 8 (the biggest a piece and do not give the 4th piece) . Sometimes the biggest a piece useful perhaps, like 9732, then you can change piece 7. This kind head although,attack not quite ideal, but the companion won't think to you have big card and lay this design and color again.
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