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Have will enter into the agreement head attack: Choose a design and color that s
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Head the destiny that attacks a card to often can decide one enters into the agreement. Because this person that attack must note each call, more important is to understand its significance even. Following issue wants serious consideration.
1, can bright hand have to grow and strong by cover design and color?
If call process shows some are likely, criterion defence just must make aggression sex head study a shop sign, it is to give a design and color that has K commonly, or the design and color that has KJ. Head the biggest piece in attack trump card or studying no use little shop sign is not the consideration.
2, enter into the agreement square evasive make not have will?
Enter into the agreement to if cry,just cross 3 design and color, and an elementary design and color chose to make trump card finally, probable they are not had in on the 4th design and color two people stop piece. Accordingly you answer to be attacked to the design and color that had not cried, even if your hold AQ also need not have worry, you want to know, if K is in your go up, he is to be able to make do not have what will come.
3, whether is your companion 1 rank have contend for make an opportunity, and didn't he start to talk however?
If although the companion has an opportunity, but he was not in 1 rank on share call, and look from whole call, he also has particular actual strength. Your design and color that if go out to had not cried,studies (the length that you guess this is a companion is covered) , you can want a few more careful. Estimate not hard, this design and color of the companion is shown have length however very won't strong.
4, whether is bright hand is resembled to there is the capacity that will have?
If bright hand has trump card support already, have additionally again short set, criterion head attack trump card to have the effect very much. Often have such case: Enter into the agreement the person has called two design and color, and bright hand chooses the 2nd design and color. Knowable the first design and color of bright hand needs short. If head the person that attack has actual strength on the first design and color, more appropriate head attacks trump card.
5, have without other condition ought to head attack trump card?
Some. In 1 or 2 rank you were made technical double, and the companion still does not cry, the trump card that this shows him already much and strong. Seem this case you answer head attack trump card, can decrease enter into the agreement the person uses young general card to eat piece opportunity. Have a kind of case additionally also ought to head attack trump card, the actual strength of big shop sign of you and companion is unusually abundant, and the other side nots hesitate sacrifice is grabbed forcedly enter into the agreement. Their unique sth used to one's own advantage is to rely on a card nevertheless model had distributinged just. So, you head attack trump card, it is can effective normally (can weaken them will have capacity) .
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