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Without what will enter into the agreement head attack: Choice head studies a sh
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Decided when you head after studying design and color, next task wants choice head to study a shop sign namely piece. This one option is very important. The reason has 2, it is a card that the person that attack loses sight of a companion, of course the card that the companion also loses sight of a person that attack, because this attacks a person,every dozens give a piece of shop sign, want to pass certain information to the companion, include head study a shop sign piece; 2 it is you a shop sign that study piece should help one's own side effectively establish as far as possible win cluster.
Head the length that accuses an associate is covered
You a length that accuses an associate set, and yourself often is short on this design and color set, it is odd even piece (at this moment you cannot choose) , when you have 2 pieces of above, you choose head attack piece the principle is:
When holding two pieces of cards, head study bigger shop sign piece;
Maintain link piece when the card, head study bigger shop sign piece;
Other condition, head study the least shop sign piece.
Now, we will see the actual application of this principle. For example, the companion calls what the design and color that pass is in 4 to distributing for:
North 742
East AQ963
South J108
On the west your K5
If you head attack 5, the companion uses A or Q wins into, farewell plays small card, your K eats after entering, can no more give this design and color, this should have a Zhang Cai that take a hand to be able to cash with respect to requirement companion of this design and color win cluster. But, the other side has not taken a hand very likely in the companion before, take at a heat enough oneself win cluster, finish enter into the agreement, should hit you to build the medal that wins cluster easily so piece. In this pair of card, want namely head attack K. Be in head after attacking K, you win 5 mound medal will easy to doly.
Be as follows again face this example; The design and color that the companion has called distributings for:
North 983
East KJ754
South A106
On the west your Q2
If you head attack the sentence of 2, the companion can give K, banker uses A to eat, after this, the Q on your hand will prevent you to had done this design and color smoothly again. Although the companion is first-run,give J, banker still wins cluster with A, after this, your Q or meeting become an obstacle. When you give this design and color again, you give Q, the companion cannot be hit with K lid, otherwise of banker 10 upgrade to win cluster. Anyhow, when the design and color that only when you companion of double Zhang Tong has called, be danger accept big card in the hand.
Join Zhang Shi is held in you, head the big shop sign that studies big shop sign to carry next banker on the head easily, rise to help the aggression, action that attacks banker. For example below this design and color:
Boreal K83
East AQ752
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