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The aspirations of champion of a youthful world
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A reporter asks me two questions recently, surprising is I had never thought of these two problems.

1) why do you choose to make hand of card of a profession?

2) why is your target to become the best card hand on the world?

The problem replies more easily. Main reason is very simple, I love bridge. I think bridge is the greatest athletics play on the world sincerely. No matter you were hit how long, it won't make you cheesed forever, you also can never conquer completely it. Process of deputy card and every every call has some kind of immanent beauty. This kind of game is challenged to me, incentive I, and affect my other side to the life think. My him discovery is mixed already completely by this kind of game its daedal enchanted.

I like to compete. The person that knows me knows, about the same each thing, my main goal wins namely. No matter you are my best friend, or my domestic member, sit to be opposite with you when me blast when, I am hoping to kill you get an armour not to stay. I expect others and I adopt same attitude. Competition contains a kind of thing, it makes my warm blood torrent, feel oneself are red-blooded.

Do " 95 " office worker, I can feel cannot help doing sth, seem to be in all the time bumbling. The sense in the school is same also, drab appeared. That is not good sense, also not be the means that I hope to spend lifetime. "95 " the profession does not suit me namely. Of course, when a lawyer or programmer, I may be earned get much money more, but if I feel cheesed, joyless, what profit does that have again? To me, money is the method that fend nevertheless, the money that wants me to be able to be earned only is enough I am living and play bridge, the others is external things besides the body.

Some people guess, after playing bridge of very old profession, my general is tired of gradually, perhaps review lifetime, will feel him accomplish nothing. This may be true, but this word is applied to possibly also almost every kinds of profession. The person is impossible that prophecy did not come, but I think really, such circumstance can't well happen.

2 have answer problem laborious, but I think it and I am right problem the answer of one actually closely related. I am the person with a competitive very strong desire, if I plan to dedicate my time and even life to some thing, I want to become best. Not be best one of, it is best. I believe, a lot of lawyers hope to do the top person of their that group, the professional also wants to accomplish great exploit. I go up personally even if have some kind of internal driving force, want me to climb peak. If I become a marvelous bridge past master, but not be the whole world is best, can I feel very failure? This very it's hard to say, but I think, if I used up my greatest effort, I also know this, and it is better that somebody compares me by chance, my general feels successful. Real failure was to use up the greatest effort and card ability however backwater not before.
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